"ET" Profile Parameter - Doesn't Work?

I’d like to be able to:

  • make an update in one database without issusing an ET,
  • then switch to a second database using USR1040N,
  • then make an update in the second database,
  • then issue an ET against the second database only,
  • then return to the first database using USR1040N again,
  • then backout the update to the frist database if desired.

The “ET” profile parameter supposedly provides this capability when set to “OFF”, but in my testing I find it has no effect. An end transaction issued against one database seems to always affects the other one regardless of the settting of the “ET” profile parameter.

What could be wrong? I’m running Nat 4.1.3 and ADABAS 7.4.2 on a VSE mainframe platform; any info you can give me would be greatly appreciated.

Paul G.

The description of the ET parameter is:

  • ON: END TRANSACTION and BACKOUT TRANSACTION statements are executed for all databases which have been referenced since the beginning of the Natural session or since the last execution of an END TRANSACTION and BACKOUT TRANSACTION statement.

    OFF: END TRANSACTION and BACKOUT TRANSACTION statements are executed only for the databases affected by the transaction (and - if applicable - for the database to which transaction data are written).

So you see Natural will issue an ET to all “databases affected by the transaction” in any case, which also includes your case :wink: