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Hi all,

is it possible to estimate the creation date of an object using the system ID?

I found an managed object that looks like this:

  "additionParents": {
    "references": [],
    "self": "https:/xxx/inventory/managedObjects/2147483647/additionParents"
  "childDevices": {
    "references": [],
    "self": "https://xxx/inventory/managedObjects/2147483647/childDevices"
  "childAssets": {
    "references": [],
    "self": "https://xxx/inventory/managedObjects/2147483647/childAssets"
  "childAdditions": {
    "references": [],
    "self": "https://xxx/inventory/managedObjects/2147483647/childAdditions"
  "deviceParents": {
    "references": [],
    "self": "https://xxx/inventory/managedObjects/2147483647/deviceParents"
  "assetParents": {
    "references": [],
    "self": "https://xxx/inventory/managedObjects/2147483647/assetParents"
  "self": "https://xxx/inventory/managedObjects/2147483647",
  "id": "2147483647"

No owner, no creation or upadte time.



Hi Helmut,

up until and including version 10.15 this ID is a constantly increasing number (stored as String). It doesn’t have a timestamp encoded and it’s also not increased by exactly one between consecutive Managed Object creations. So the only way to roughly estimate this would be to find the Managed Objects with IDs lower/greater than this - the Managed Object was created somewhen between these two then.

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