Escape Top (r)

about a hundred years ago (well, sometime in the last millenium!) I requested some extensions to Escape…

  • Escape Module has been implemented, thanks. :smiley:
  • Escape Top (r) is still missing & still just as important as Escape Bottom (r) :frowning:
    How about it guys?

Hi Dave,
The escape bottom (r) has been implemented for some time (might even be last milleneum :wink:
I’ll let the “escape top (r)” hang for the dev guys to answer.

snap from doc:

Hej Finn (er det maaske een Finn jeg kender?),

the request was actually only for Escape Top (r) (see Subject) & was
inspired by Escape Bottom (r).

I really don’t know why they did one & not the other, its a pain having
to escape-bottom from a dummy loop to get what you need.


Escape bottom from a dummy loop ?

Now you got me confused :wink:

What an ESCAPE TOP would mean ist a re-iteration, i.e. start the current loop over, is this what you are looking for ?

Did you raise a C/E for this, which is the official way to request enhancements ?

Its quite simple: if you want to escape to the top of an outer loop,
the only way to achieve this is to put a dummy repeat loop “just” inside
the outer loop & escape to the bottom of that! (and remember to escape
from the outer loop at the end of the dummy loop)

That is a pain in the neck. I put this request (together with
Escape Module) into SAG’s internal C/E Systems (Cheesy, then SAGSIS)
over 10 years ago & still nothing has happened. So while I’m glad they
implemented Escape Module (which, until recently had to be solved by
enclosing the whole damn module in a dummy Repeat-loop), I’m perplexed
that Escape Top (r) is still not there.

I expect these forums to be monitored by SAG & used as a source for c/e’s.

O.k., back on track now, I had something different in mind :wink:

I know, you have done it multiple times, but if you have access to SL24, why not add an ER (Enhancement Request) there, the process is a bit different now and includes user (group) voting for C/Es.

I’m a consultant these days, so its nice at last to have this way to provide input.