ESB OAuth 2.0 Implementation with webMethods IS 10.1

I was trying to call the Get Auth Token, with use of the ESB OAuth 2.0 Example provided “DCE_OAuth2.0_Implementation.pdf” (the Doc I have attached herewith.

Also, I have shared the Package I have created for my demo example. Following the client creation and scope declaration for the client to allow authorized access.

Not able to get success results (pdf attached for the same).

Also wanted to implement something, which will allow authorizing programmatically.
Which is done using the authorize ESB IS Service and manually clicking on the browser link. Can this be done in the code??

When I referred to this blog, I came to know that it is not correct to perform the authorize in the code, as those services are not available for developers to execute directly.
Reference Link here:
Yogesh Dhimate

I am not sure how to attach the PDFs which I have and want to share here for my example, but not able to share with my question.

Please find the reference documents and Demo ESB IS Package, which I have created for this example.
Due to some limitations with file types, I am not able to attach the ESB IS Package for example here, but sharing the PDF for how I have tried the example.

DCE_OAuth2.0_Implementation.pdf (2.1 MB)
ESBOAuth2.0_Investigations_CopyForForum.pdf (828.5 KB)