Errors in BPM model for external document on correlation

Hi All,

I needed a little help i finding out if we have some setting that could disable the the logging of the following error.

[98.9998] Exception → 0 [PRT.0101.9206] Intermediate Receive Step S40 of model AP_ProductionModels/AP_CSM_BDE_CallOffMSG version 1 does not correlate to existing Process ID

We actually have 2 process models that receive the same external document with correlation property and also same subscription filter in wemb95 business model.

So, when reply external document matches for one model, the other model throws this ero as that also tried to search for the correlation-process instance. And our external document comes one for only one model.

Does anybody have an iea i ther eis a settign that could be disbaled for these 2 particular models ?

This error was not thjere in version 7.1. Only since we have migrated to webm 9.5 we have these unwanted error logs.


Hi Priya,
When you have two process models, both have same correlating logic and subscription filter, how can process engine differentiate which model to be invoked for the data it has received?

As soon as it receives a reply document, process engine will make a query with WMPRTXREF table to find if ExternalID matches the correlation, and invokes the corresponding InstanceId. If it doesn’t find, an exception will be thrown. What you see is expected behavior.

In 7.1, probably you would have had only one process model looking for this reply document, that matches filter I guess. Pls cross check.


Hi Priya,

Per my observation, aforementioned error occurs when document arrives and if no matching externalid (WMPRTXREF) instance available.

Now Problem is, you are seeing an additional server log apart from purpose it is serving and that you dont want see an more, correct me???


Hi Senthil and Raj,

Thanks for your replies and apologize for my late come back.
As you both I explained, I also know the reason and the process how it searched for the doc correlation and logs an error if that Process model doesnot find it.

For Version 7: We had the exact design, same two models with same subscription filters and document for corelation, but we did not get this error logged.

As a measure to avoid these errors, we dont want to merge both models now, hence i was wondering if any body is aware of any model specific setting that could disable error logging in case correlation match is not found in the DB/memory.

In version 7 this was not there, but in version 9.5 this is coming.

I tried going thru the guide but did not find any details


May be you can give a shot changing logging level as in attachment at process model level

Hi Raj,

thanks for ur help, I tried bringing down the logging level to 2 but am getting the following error :

[MID=] Logging level for Model cannot be set below minimum value of 5.

Looks like its not allowing the logging level to be decreased.

I even tried by disabling the resubmit options of steps and transition logging but its of no help.


Hello Priya in such case you have to put in subscription filter.

Hi webM Vir,

I just wanted to confirm if its a new warning feature introduced in the new version ?
Because. the same setup in webM 7,1 did not give us any errors.


Hi Priya,

Apparently, intermediate message events and boundary message events have been bundled with new versions starting with 8.5, indeed lot of new features and handling stuff also been added along with them. Even i seen this message in server.log several times when doc arrives but instance in not active or completed. I think there should be watt. setting that control log thing. Need to check with SAG team any that sort.


Hi Team,

I am facing smile issue do anyone have any update and idea on this.



Would you mind checking the WmPRT database?

You can use something like this (oracle example):


Do all your processes listed have the same PROCESSKEY? And does it agree with their own PROCESSPATH and PROCESSLABEL?

Best Regards

Hi Gerardo ,

Thank you for reply.

all the processes listed have there own processkey and yes they agree with their own processpath and processlabel.

do we have any setting which can avoid below error
[98.9998] Exception → 0 [PRT.0101.9206] Intermediate Receive Step S40 of model AP_ProductionModels/AP_CSM_BDE_CallOffMSG version 1 does not correlate to existing Process ID



You can increase the logging level of the process engine to receive more information.

Specifically, it may show you the values it is comparing against for the correlation.

Another question, do you have a process with the PROCESSKEY equal to “AP_ProductionModels/AP_CSM_BDE_CallOffMSG” with the MODELVERSION equal to “1” which is enabled?

Best Regards,