Error wm.server.ns:getACLInfo [ISS.0085.9055] Node


We have 2 integration server on two different ports 4545(outbound) and 3535(Inbound).Both servers are on same machine but having common DB.
We are facing some strange issue that sometimes on 4545 server we get below errror appears in error log :
wm.server.ns:getACLInfo [ISS.0085.9055] Node ABCD_eeeeeee.schedulers:move_Filestemptopoll does not exist

but these service dont exist on 4545 server. service exists on 3535 server. how come these errors are coming on this server.If it comes on 3535 then it looks gud as these services are there. but randomly these errors come on 4545 for services which are not on 4545 server.

anyone has some idea why these wm.server.ns:getACLInfo [ISS.0085.9055] Node doesnt exist errors coming in error log. It comes randomly for any one service atleast once in a day.

Having common db for both the IS’s is the problem as the Schedulers use IS Internal table internally and run the user tasks and chance is any IS can execute the scheduler…so you need to sync that particular package on both the IS’s.


Can anyone please help :frowning:


Thank you very much for your reply.

Yes what ever you have said seems very much right. I didnt notice this but now i checked old errors also and i found that this error always comes for scheduler services only not for any other flow service.So seems there is conflict. There are separate scheduled services on each server. So i can not bring those packages in sync. servers are not in cluster one server is handling interfacesf or inbound integration and other is for outbound. What else can be done.Could you please suggest.
DB schema used by both server are separate.Let me know if any other detail is required.

You could have two ISes that are not clustered still using same ISInternal schema… You should have the latest core fix installed…

When viewing scheduled tasks, you can now use the Hide Remote Tasks filter to view only the tasks that can run on the current server.

See the below thread for more details…


Hi Senthil,
Thanks for help but IS Internal is different for both servers. IS core audit pool is common.On scheduler page i can see only those scheduler which belongs to that particuler server. Both server have different schedulers and IS internal pool is different for both only prob is that in error log getting error wm.server.ns:getACLInfo [ISS.0085.9055] Node ABCD_eeeeeee.schedulers:move_Filestemptopoll does not exist kind of errors for scheduler which is not on that server. Still not getting any clue for this. Please help.

As per your first post

Are both IS Internals pointing to the same database schema or different db schema?

If it is same, you can use the new feature - ‘Hide Remote Tasks filter’ option to view only the tasks that can run on the current server.

If it is different, you shouldn’t have this problem only. Your schedulers in both the servers are independant of each other and you can view them through IS admin page.