Error with SP3 Fix4 applied on WM 6.5 -urgent !!!


I have applied SP3 and fix4 to resolve the suspended notification issue on IS 6.5 as suggested.
As mentioned in readMe of SP3 : if you call the documentToXmlString service to convert a document that has no children, and do not specify a document type as input "

As per understaning the services are getting errored out because the document type is not mapped in service - documentToXMLString. But I can see the error makeArray should be false. So which is the service where I should make makerArray False which will resolve the issue ? Is it XMLNodeToDocument Service or some other services where makeArray is to made false.

Any other solution to resolve both the errors ?

The service xmlNodeToDocument will give and error ‘MakeArrays parameter must be false when using documentTypeName parameter’ when you pass a documentTypeName as input and set the makeArrays parameter to true. If you provide a documentTypeName, the service will get the information on whether an element should be a single element or an array from the document type. Therefore, it does not ‘want’ you to define which elements should be arrays.