Error with Process invokation

While trying to invoke process model, I am seeing error in wm.prt.dispatch:handlePublishedInput. Error is [PRT.0101.9301] Error connecting to the ProcessAudit database for cross referencing IDs in the PE

I tested Process Audit and Process Engine jdbc pools and both are working fine.

does any one have idea where to look?

check wether the process audit data base is connected properly or not, and check prt package is installed in IS and make sure that this pakage is active. and then run your process.


If using webMethods Desinger 8.0, go to Window -> Preferences ->Software AG -> Process Development -> Process Audit Database. Then on “Select running Integration Server that has the Process Audit pool configured” select your IS server on the dropdown. It should work.

Let me know if it solved your problem.

SG Ngidi