Error While Publishing a Document to Broker-String Index out of range

Hello All,
this is the error i m facing while using publish service to publish a document type to broker.
[ISS.0098.9007] Data does not conform to the Publishable Document Type MXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXx: String index out of range: -1.

Any Ideas Please
Thanks in Advance

The Document being published does not match the definition of the document.


Before publishing the document type, just check whether all the mandatory field in the document are being correctly populated. If you specify Required property as true while creating DT and if there is no value found for that perticular filed, then this exception will be thrown.

Hello everybody,

I am facing the same problem right now.

As to the above mentioned missing mandatory fields: This is not the reason in my case. I have a very lean and simple document that I want to publish. All mandatory fields are present and filled with correct values, but still I get the error “String index out of range -1”. I even made sure that the fields are present in the correct order. No effect.

The very same code is running as expected on IS 7.1.2 on Solaris, but it’s throwing the error on IS 7.1.3 on Windows 2003 Server.

Could the different IS versions or the different operating systems be the reason why the publish is successful on one IS and fails on the other?

Cheers and thanks in advance for any help,


I have found the delinquent. It was a date-time-field, which was not NULL but empty instead. That resulted in a parse-error and thus in a “String index out of range”-exception.

Sorry for interrupting :slight_smile:

One more thing to add: It is in fact the case that the broker in wm 7.1.2 did accept the document with the empty date field, whereas wm 7.1.3 rejects it.

Just for everybody’s information, if they encounter a similar problem.