Error while posting RNO data to RN receive service


As a part of testing, I am fetching the rno file from wMRosettaNet package folder and then posting it to “wm.ip.rn:receive” step through http service from developer. But it is failing with 403, service error. In logs I could see the below error message.

Error Log:
wm.ip.rn:receive com.wm.estd.rosettaNet.TransportNotFoundException: The transport ‘’ not registered. Please make sure the required package is activated. If yes try reloading and check the package errors

Any clue please?

Sathishkumar Batta

Can any one reply please?

Is the WmRosettanet package enabled on the IS that you are trying to invoke?

Make sure all the RNModule related TRP packages are been enabled/activated.

Also when posting RNO you should use this service (pub.estd.rosettaNet:receive) instead of ip.rn:receive per the RNModule7.1.