Error while loading shared libraries ( Apama Installation and set up )

Good day to all of you.

I am trying to install and set up Apama 5.3 in our environment.

I have installed it successfully and set the environment file Apama_env.

Now when I am trying to start correlator I am getting the below error.

./correlator: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Can you please help me to get rid of this error.


Hi, the most common cause of this is that the apama_env shell script needs to be ‘sourced’ - if it’s just executed then it will set all the environment variables for itself but not change them in the parent shell you’re working in, which of course does no good

So I think what you need to do is execute this instead:
source ./apama_env

Hi Ben,

Thank you very much for your reply…

Issue is resolved now. I have sourced the shell script apama_env and started the correlator successfully.