Error while invoking service from DSP Page

Hi All,
When I invoke a service from a DSP page, the service is not executing properly and I do not get to see the output in the DSP Page.
However, when I modified the service that is invoked from the DSP Page by adding the pub.flow:savePipelineToFile & pub.flow:restorePipelineFromFile as the first two flow steps,followed by the remaining code,then the service works fine and I get to see the result in the DSP Page.

Any help would be appreciated!

Thanks & Regards,
Anwit Daityari

Ideally it should not be, On which version you are on ? If possible can you share the code ?


Hi Anwit,

The scenario you presented here happens only if at the time of service deployment DSP page was not created properly by core IS. But it should not be happened.
Was your service was working in designer before you checked on DSP page (IS admin application) ?
If any service is working in Designer invocation then it should be work on DSP pages.

My suggestion is " on Audit logging for your service " and invoke it via DSP page and Check the logs may be you will got some info there.

If you want to more dril down then you can check how service-info.dsp page and Service are working in case of your service.

Ashish Kumar