Error while invoking a service using Https

Hi All,

I am trying to invoke a flowservice from IS-1 which is on IS-2. I have included the Certificates required in both the IS's. When I am trying to call the service I am getting the following exception. Server certificate rejected by ChainVerifier

Let me know if anyone knows some solution for this.

Do you have client certificates required set on the port?

And what is your server.cnf property “” set to?

Hi PhilLeary,

I have set the certificates required option on the port. And the is set to the value “cLAW”. The probelm is from IS1 to IS2 service invocation is wroking fine. But the reverse is throwring this error.

Set this to true and restart IS…

re-test it.


Hi All,

I got the solution. the actual problem was with the certificate. I regenerated new certificates and it worked fine. Thanks for your support.