Error while generating business process


I am trying to set up the webMethods RosettaNet Solution. I have installed Integration Server65, My webMethods Server70, Modeler651, RosettaNet Module601 and Trading Networkds65. I have created the trading partners in TN and have imported the sample par files in RosettaNet.I have configured logical server in WmAdmin, and mapped to physical server also. I have imported the Process Models for PIP3A4 in Modeler and while generating the Business Process am getting the following error.

Generating implementation for

Do you have you Process Audit Database configured in the JDBC Pools.

It seems like you have clicked on the “Generate and Update For Monitoring”. After the modeler generates the Process Run-time components on the Design Server, it updates the Process Audit Database (If configured) with the process definition. It seems like it had failed while updating the process for Monitoring. Check if you have created and configured the Process audit database correctly in the JDBC Pools.