Error while adding broker server entry from MWS


I am getting the below error when trying to add broker server from MWS:-

Error: Cannot get a valid connection to the Broker Server “localhost:6849”

Checked IS console messaging section. Have default broker alias IS_BROKER_CONNECTION but the enabled section says “Yes [Not Connected]”.

Checked services.msc section in windows and see only broker monitor is in running state over port 6850 but no entry is there for broker server:6849

Please help to resolve this issue so that i can add a broker server from MWS.

Did you start your broker ? If it is not running, please start it manually.


Hi Kushal,

Looking at your post I doubt if your installation is fully complete for broker. When you install broker component as windows service you must see webMethodsBrokerMonitor_9.6 and webMethodsBroker_9.6_6849. Starting Broker monitor will automatically start broker servers.

Can you share if it is a fresh install? With broker version details.

There are scripts available at the location “Drive:\SoftwareAG\Broker\bin” try to start or stop it from here.

Yes Mahesh and MR,

This is a fresh installation and as Mahesh indicated, broker server entry on port 6849 is not showing up in services.msc entry for windows.

I reinstalled the broker again but still i see only broker monitor up and running but it is unable to start broker server implicitly. Now, i tried to start the broker server by running the services in /broker/bin directory but nothing is happening once i double click them.

Also, observed that there is not /Broker/data folder created in C: drive of my installation folder…does this indicate coppupt broker installation or is this directory created automatically once the broker server is up and running for the 1st time.

Please guide and help me resolve this.


I don’t think your broker installation is proper. Please give a try once again but use a different ports for monitor and broker server.


You will have to review your install logs to see if the installation was success.TO FIND PRODUCT ERROR MESSAGE, SEARCH FOR THE STRING APP_ERROR.

Thanks Mahesh and MR.

Issue was with installation itself. I went for second re-installation and now broker monitor was able to start the broker server on 6849 port itself.

Thanks again for your support.


Glad to hear, issue got resolved.