Error when publishing to broker


i’ve writen some program using wm6.01 broker api to publish broker events to the broker.
There is a converter to convert xml strings into BrokerEvent residing in the broker.

In the broker server, I have WM6.01 Broker instances and a single WM5 Broker instance (imported from a WM5 ES).

The code runs fine to the point where it create an empty Broker Event which the converter will use to popluate with, from the data in the xml string.

Error occurred when executing the method BrokerEvent.setField();
The error “com.sun.jdi.InvocationException occurred invoking method” was thrown.

The strange thing is that this error is only encountered when publishing to the imported WM5 broker instance. The code runs fine when publishing to WM6.01 Broker instances.

I’m using
j2sdk 1.4.2

please help.
thanks in advance.

Hi there,

Do you set any field in the broker event envelope?
Some fields have changed between broker 5 and 6.

Otherwise I’d try with a short xml string and progressiveley add part until you identify wich tag makes it fail.


I did set the broker event envelop.
But that is done after the setting of the broker event fields.
I encounter this error the moment i set the first broker event field

Could you post the stack trace?
Actually, which method of the Broker API throws an exception and which BrokerException is it?

Another idea, did you try building again the code but with broker 5 jar in your classpath?