Error when configuring SVN in WmVCS in WM8.2 IS


I am trying to integrate SubVersion with IS 8.2
My subversion is 1.6, CollabNet-SubVersion. it is started up with svnserve correctly(I can visit it from designer)
Now I want to configure it in WmVCS, but when I put the setting as below, it throws exception as below

[TABLE=“width: 100%”]
[TD=“class: message, bgcolor: #FFE5E9, colspan: 2, align: left”] Error in subversion configuration[/TD]
[TABLE=“class: tableForm, width: 0”]
[TD=“class: heading, bgcolor: #000000, colspan: 2, align: left”]Subversion Configuration[/TD]
[TD=“class: oddrow-l, bgcolor: #E0E0C0, align: left”][FONT=Tahoma]

Subversion Repository Location:[/font]

[TD=“class: oddrow-l, bgcolor: #E0E0C0, align: left”][/TD]

Is there anyone has successful experience of configuring this? Plz kindly help!
Thanks & BR


Even i have the same issue. Collin please let me know if it has resolved for you.


did you install the svn client?