Error to create, update, duplicate JDBC connection


I’ve just installed a new server webMethods 6.5 on an AIX 5.3. I’ve deployed my packages (with deployer) on this server and I want to update my JDBC connections but I’ve this error:
Error encountered
[ART.118.5011] Adapter Runtime (Connection): Unable to create new connection test:test.
[ART.118.5020] Adapter Runtime (Connection): Unable to process connection properties. Internal error.

I’ve tried to enabled, to copy and to create a connection but I’ve the same error.

IS 6.5 SP1
OS AIX 5.3 64 bit
JDBCAdapter v6.5
JVM 1.5.0

I’ve found the solution on advantage, I’ve not found during my first research.

The JVM 1.5 is not supported.