Error starting Enterprise Logger Adapter

I get the following error when starting the Enteprise Logger Adapter:

Task: Start adapter process in test mode:
[Adapter] (085) The adapter process could not start up.
In adapterStartup(). Database exception: SQLException cannot prepare SQL statement. In EIProcess.init(). Error Message: [MERANT][SequeLink JDBC Driver][SequeLink Server]License verification failed.; Error Code: 3070; Error State: HY000
“” missing in resource bundle “COM.wm.adapter.Logger.LoggerResources”

**Note I can connect to the database using the same URL and driver from TN.

For EI 4.5.1 Logger adapter to work with Seqelink driver, you need to install “Enterprise Integrator Adapters 4.5.1 Service Pack 1”.

This should fix your “License verification failed” problem.