Error receiving PIP Document from a Trading Partner

We are trying to receive a RosettaNet PIP3C3 from one of our partners.
The version is RNIF1.1.
We are getting an error during validation of the incomming PIP document with the DTD.
Error is :

Error: wm.ip.rnif11.util:validationFailed(): In service wm.ip.rnif11.util:validationFailed: Payload validation failed.
/Pip3C3InvoiceNotification: VV-005 - [ISC.0082.9034] Field is absent, field must exist.

Can anybody help us in understanding what the error is.

Hi ,
If you are doing validation for the incoming PIP3C3 , it should have all the required mandatory fields or else it will throw validation errors .Check whether the received doc is having all the mandatory fields .


Kiran Pidugu