Error parsing mime message Email message with an Email as an Attachment

I have a process where I want to handle emails that can not be delivered. Our exchange server will bounce them back to the sender. The body of the email states that it can’t be delivered and the original message is enclosed as an attachment (*.MSG)

I’ve created an email port that will receive these messages and all I want to do is determine the email it was sent to, however, I am unable to process the message because of the attachment.

Would anyone have any suggestions?

(I did check the mime types file in webMethods and no entry exists for a .MSG type file. I believe this type of file is associated with MS Outlook. However, MS Outlook would not be a software application that’s loaded on our webMethods server.)

Running webMethods 6.1 on a windows 2000 platform.


Hi Brigitta,

Try adding the MSG type to the Is\lib\mimes.type file. From there you can attach the content handler to that particular file type. It is case sensitive.

Let me know if that works.


I did add the msg type to the mimes.types file…and associated it with an existing type… as follows:

message/rfc822 mht mhtml nws msg

I don’t think I have associated it correctly, I’m not sure what to associate it with. I was hoping to add it to something like this:

application/ xla xlc xlm xls xlt xlw

but not sure what the application would be for email messages.

Any ideas?

Any suggestions?

What does the attachment look like? Is it text or binary?
If it’s text try adding it to the text/plain
text/plain bas c h txt msg

It might be case sensitive.

I’ve set the mime type to text/plain and it still gives me the error “ Error parsing mime message”

Could it be that since a msg is associated with MS outlook, I need to have that software loaded on the webMethods IS box?

I really don’t need to process the attached email message. Is there a simpler way of doing this; perhaps ignoring the attachments?

Did you also add the msg to text/plain in the mimes.type file, ie. text/plain bas c h txt msg?

Hi Brigitta,

I posted the results (explanations and sample code) of my investigations on email attachements on this post. Have the look and see if this might help you