Error of create adapter service !

Hi, I installed webmethods 7, but I can’t create a adapter service. And when I open localhost:5555 , in menu option, there is no JDBC Adapter .Maybe I forget to install something? Please give me a help. Thanks!

On the file system go to “{IS HOME}/IntegrationServer/packages/” and see if there is a folder/package called WmJDBCAdapter.

If yes, go to package management in the Admin console and see if WmJDBCAdapter package is loaded or not.

If no, you didn’t install it.

Thanks for sekay’s reply.
In guide doc , it is said that: WmJDBCAdapter will be installed automatically,but after I select all items and install WM7 ,there is no this package in “{IS HOME}/IntegrationServer/packages/” .where can I download this package ? I search in WM website,but can’t find it.

It seems that while creating image, you didn’t select JDBC Adaptor for download.
Please run installer again and refer screenshot for availability of this package in your installation.
If it does not appear, please download it using installer only.
You can do this by creating a new image and selecting JDBC adaptor only for that image.
If this package is available in your image, please select and install as you have not installed it.

Hope this would help