Error message in MWS Full Log while installing Application

We are using WM 7.1.1 and while installing my application (.war) file which has some tasks also, I am getting following error.

2011-04-08 17:39:35 EDT (Framework : INFO) - XMLImport include not found or cannot be loaded: /WEB-INF/tasks/generalhelpdeskrequest/taskStart.xml

When the task is generated, it does not have any business data. It is all empty.

Anyone has faced this or similar issue?

  • Nilesh

It certainly sounds like the task web app is corrupted. As you point out, there is no task data as well. (You must be generating this task from a business model?)

There might be a bug in the task creation in Designer that is preventing the entire task for successfully being created. I’d recommend having a look at the Designer .log file to see if anything relevant is being logged during the task creation.