Error message for http flow


I have try to call a asp script reside on a Microsoft IIS Server using http flow service, below is the error which returned by Developer to me. [ISC.0064.9314] Authorization Required: Access Denied

What went wrong?
I tested the connection from a IE, it works fine. The URL input to http flow is:-

Please advice.

Anyone can tell me more detail of this error? please? [ISC.0064.9314] Authorization Required: Access Denied

You are trying to execute a service through an ID which does not have the access permission to do the same (ACL Issue).


Try to use type=“Basic” Authentication and provide the username/password under the Auth param of http flow service and give method=post.

If you have further problems,please provide us with info about params you are providing in the http service at the moment.


Hi Vikram,
"You are trying to execute a service through an ID which does not have the access permission to do the same (ACL Issue). "

By this statement, you meant ACL to execute Integration Server’s Service or the service, which in this case, a asp script on Web Server? I think it is asp script.

More importantly, when I see this Error, have I hit the remote web server? Or the request have not gone out from Integration Server?

I use the client:http service with the following param
(1) url=[url=“”][/url]
(2) method=POST
(3) loadAs=bytes
(4) user=ccsid1
(5) pass=123456
(6) type=Basic (Initially, I left it blank, since by default is Basic)
(7) header:Content-type=text/xml

Others stuffs:-
(1) When I use POST, IIS tells me that POST method is not allowed, please see attachment (IIS Method.jpg)
(2) When I try to invoke using IE (Internet Explorer), I was prompt username and password twice, will this cause any problem?

Anything else? Let me know if you need more info :wink:

Since you mentioned using IE, you were prompted twice for the userid/password (same set of userid/password???), obviously this would be a problem since the http service is only sending authentication information once. I’m not sure how to send it twice though, any ideas from the pros out there?


Correct, same set of userid and password, have tried to post twice, using Repeat flow step, I dont think this workaround is correct

If you use Repeat, you are like trying to hit the same URL via a fresh browser window. Obviously the authentication prompting will still happen twice. I do not know of any service that could ONLY send the authentication info, though…

Make sure that receiving service on url [url=“”][/url] is configured to accept http post. I had same problem with a url which was not configured to accept http post and later on partner gave me correct one.

Also try to goto the url directly using any browser…just to verify its responding to http get at least


The http service signatures looks perfect…thanks for clarification.

But error looks like the target IIS is allowing only OPTIONS,TRACE,GET,HEAD,
so try to contact target server admin to allow http POST method too…
this is what integration handshaking.

Anyway leave the IE procedure and continue testing from webMethods side.