Error invoking tn.doc:view

We tried to implement a new integration last night into Production, but, it was intermittently failing with the following error: Couldnt instantiate document {0} (0) Couldnt find doc {0}; no doctype {1}
The flow of the document is as follows:

  • MfgPro sends data to wM via Web Service
  • wM Provider Web Service routes the data to TN using tn.doc.xml:routeXml
  • Processing Rule identifies the document and initiates custom flow service “processTNMessage”. (many different document types are included in this processing rule)
  • Custom flow service “mfgPub:processTNMessage” determines the type of document it has, creates a CommonDoc to be published that has only the sending ID, destination ID and the TN InternalID of the TN Document. “mfgPub:processTNMessage” then publishes the CommonDoc to the Broker, updates attributes and status of the TN Document
  • Trigger subscribes to CommonDoc that has been published and invokes a another custom flow service “ihubSub:processTriggerMessage” to process it.
  • “ihubSub:processTriggerMessage” uses the TN InternalID from the CommonDoc in tn.doc:view to retrieve the TN Document. This is where the above error is occurring.

This same type of logic is currently being used by other documents in production (by different processing flow services that update other D/B’s) that are much larger than the ones that are failing only in Production that was implemented last night.

Has anyone seen the above error before ?? I have googled it, but, nothing much came up. Does anyone have any idea what could be the cause ??

Thanks for any assistance you can provide…


Hi David,

Can you ask you DBA(s) to check the integrity of your database being used under the JDBC Pools with Functional Alias associated to DocumentHistory and TN to see if the database’s integrity is in order.

As i see it is that this problem is coming intermittently which means that there might be something wrong with certain data sets that are being processed or in the back end where this data is getting stored.

Let me know how it goes.