Error installing webM 8.0 due to broker configuration on a machine having webM 7.0

Hi All,

I am facing error while installing webM 8.0.As I start giving details for broker server configuration an error pops up saying

BRC.200.1084] Error: Could not access Service Control Manager with required permissions: Access is denied…:mad:

I have changed all ports for configuring broker monitor and broker from default.The machine is having broker server configured for webM 7.0 version.Please assist …:confused:

Broker installation requires Administrator user access on the system. As the indicated in the error user doesn’t have admin privileges


Hi Shahid,
Thanks for replying to my query.But unfortunately it is still not resolved.I am installing webM 8.0 with user having admin rights but the previous version was installed without admin rights.Does the broker server configuration for webM 8 is conflicting with the one of webM 7.0 coz of different user access used to install both the versions…:confused:

No, the error is not due to conflict caused by already existing environment… as pointed in other posts, you need to have administrator privillage to install broker… since broker server/monitor both get installed as service (by default)… and u must use proper rights to register windows service… you are getting error beacuse you don’t have proper rights for this action.