Error INOQJE0032 Writing an XQuery Module

I have created a new module using as example the following the documentation that is available:

and it throws me the following error:

INOQJE0032: Error executing the request with error [6358 , INOXQE6358 , Function unknown , Function:; line 2, column 1: ns:gServiceNames() ].

The function created is the following:

module namespace au="";
import module namespace cs="";
import module namespace csdt="";

declare function au:gServiceNames($SubTaxo as xs:string) as node() *
let $ulp := csdt:getUserLocalePreferences()
for $ois in collection("CentraSite")/cs:service
	where $ois/cs:classifications/cs:classification/cs:concept = $SubTaxo

declare function au:Subtaxo($UniqueKeys as xs:string) as xs:string
for $oic in collection("CentraSite")/cs:concept
	where $oic/cs:parent = $UniqueKeys and $oic/cs:value = "Clientes"
return $oic/cs:key

declare function au:UniqueKeys() as xs:string
for $oi in collection("CentraSite")/cs:classificationScheme
	where $oi/cs:name/cs:localString = "Bancos"
return $oi/cs:key

Add it by following the following command:

C:\SoftwareAG\CentraSite\utilities>CentraSiteCommand.cmd add Search -url http://localhost:53307/CentraSite/CentraSite -user Administrator -password manage -savedSearchFile GetServiceByCategory.xml -module apiusage.xquery -overwrite true -scope global

and the portlet is the following:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
<Search type="report">
<Expression name="gServiceNames" namespace="">
<Attribute type="xs:string">
<Attribute type="xs:string">

Someone can help me with the error because I can’t find the issue.

Thanks in advance