Error in Webmethods

Hi Guys
We are getting the following error in webMethods log.

2005-06-06 07:05:12 BST [ISS.0095.0003C] AuditLogManager Runtime Exception:[BAA.0002.0000] Wrapped Exception: No space left on device processing log entry >>>BasicData:RootContextID=977bc58aa377527510477fc760f,AuditTimestamp=1118037912845,$$$AUDITMSGID=71740cd843952c7e10477fc760e,ContextID=977bc58aa377527510477fc760f,AuditSchemaName=wMSession,AuditSchemaVersion=1,ServerID=ukkinua12ceefge:5590,SessionState=2,UserID=Developer,SessionName=,Rpcs=0,Age=779789<<<.

Can anybody please tell teh reason for this and also the possible solution

It is probably a space issue on your server at file system directory location:

Hi Randy

Thanks for ur early response.Yes there could be a space issue but do u think this can bring the webMethods and weblogic down.In our case we calling the web services in webMethods from weblogic code .We have to restart the webMethods and weblogic server today and only message we found in logs was this

Kapil Khurana

We have seen cases where if logging files directly to a database, that if DB Tmp space or Oracle table space is not available that the WM server will freeze. We are on 6.1 FP1&2 and awaiting the 6.5 broker before we upgrade to server 6.5 , so maybe there are fixes or service pack 1 resolves some of these issues.
Have you contacted support with your problem?