Error in obtaining a token, 900 Error preparing SOAP Request


I am new to Webservices and trying to run a method in wsdl(HTTPS)

I have added the WSDL in my Packages, where the connectors for that WSDL are also added to my package,

for testing i have run the method with basic credentials by giving username and password ans WSS-Password type as Password Text
i have got the response expected from the WSDL method call.

Now i tried to run the connector from my package for the same method where i mapped username and password and the inputs required, However i have recived error 900 Preparing Soap request and Error in obtaining a token.

Do i need to configure anything to run this connector and get expected response.

Please help at the earliest.

Thanks in advance

Did you assign a policy for your WSD?
make sure to review the documentation and pick the right policy first.

Hi Tong,

Yes i have added the Policy Username_Token, then i could see Connection Reset error

org.apache.axis2.AxisFault: Connection reset

JSSE already enabled in EAI development server:

Also the same request is working fine if i run in IS V10.1 , currently im using IS v9.6.

The frontend system is using TLS1.2,

Could you please suggest any approach

“connection reset” indicates the server side is disconnecting. They may not trust your server cert, or can’t find common protocal/ciphers.
turn on the JSSE debug, check how the TLS handshake goes.
you can also check the server side , it may have some info helpful.

Thanks for your reply.
I am newbie not sure how to debug on JSSE. Can you please breif in steps. Also what needs to be checked.
Also let me know the steps if I need to config


Can anyone help at the earliest

Thanks in advance

Since the protocol you’re using is TLS 1.2, there is a high chance that the connection reset was due to SSL handshaking failed.

Please take note that:

  1. Entrust Security library supports up to TLS 1.0.
  2. JSSE Security library supports sup to TLS 1.2

You need to enable the SSL debugging for JSSE side and then check the logging in wrapper.log

It’s always good to have to at least have some basic knowledge in SSL/TLS how to debug when implementing a solution related to HTTPS. Without any knowledge on that, it’s rather difficult for you to fix any issue in case of error.

Please read these articles to get yourself equipped:

Thank you Mike for the suggestions and links
will go through and bag some knowledge on SSLs