Error in Inserting Records Into Tamino

I am using servlet API to insert records into Tamino. The problem lies when I try to insert the sixth record, my id (that is the primary key for the record) did not increment as per normal. It increments until the record no.5 only. After this record, the id will remain the same. Below is the sample of codes which does the inserting into Tamino:

public void doGet (HttpServletRequest request,HttpServletResponse response) throws ServletException, IOException {

TaminoClient tamino=new TaminoClient(“”);


PrintWriter out = response.getWriter();

name = request.getParameter(“prospName”);

/* This part of code is to process the prospect ID /
TaminoResult prospTr = tamino.query(“Prospect”);
Document prospDoc = prospTr.getDocument();
Element prosp = prospDoc.getDocumentElement();

NodeList nl_prosp = prosp.getElementsByTagName(“ProspectID”);
int num_prosp = nl_prosp.getLength();

Calendar rightNow = Calendar.getInstance();
int year = rightNow.get(Calendar.YEAR);
String getYr = Integer.toString(year);

String yr = getYr.substring(2,4);

int id = num_prosp + 1110;
prospectID = “A” + yr + id;

This part of code is to process the date of birth /
dob = day + “-” + mth + “-” + year;

This part of code is to insert the new prospect into Tamino */

BasicDocument doc=new BasicDocument();

BasicElement prospect = new BasicElement(doc,“Prospect”);
BasicElement c = new BasicElement(doc,“ProspectID”);
c.appendChild(new BasicText(doc, prospectID));

c = new BasicElement(doc,“Name”);
c.appendChild(new BasicText(doc,name));

TaminoResult tr= tamino.insert(prospect);


HttpSession sess = request.getSession(true);

RequestDispatcher rd = getServletContext().getRequestDispatcher(“/RegConfirm.jsp”);

if (rd != null){
} else {
System.out.println(“Null error”);

catch (TaminoError e){
System.out.println("Tamino Error Text: " + e.errorText );
System.out.println("Tamino Error Code: " + e.responseCode );

The result of the following will be somthing like this:

Prospect ID: A021111
Name: Peter

Prospect ID: A021112
Name: John

Prospect ID: A021113
Name: Mary

Prospect ID: A021114
Name: Siti

Prospect ID: A021115
Name: David

the above 5 records run smoothly but when it reaches record no. 6 the id remain the same as the last one…

Prospect ID: A021115
Name: Rita

Prospect ID: A021115
Name: Kelly

Prospect ID: A021115
Name: Aminah

Prospect ID: A021115
Name: Michelle

Prospect ID: A021115
Name: Jessicca

Can i know why?? or is it something wrong wif my codes???

Pls help… :confused:

ooopsss!! sorry… i did the wrong way myself… :slight_smile:

I should be using the TaminoResult.getTotalCount() to get the total number of elements.

Sorry for the inconvenience…

Thanks and regards… :cool: