Error in Configuration of Remote WorkFlow Server Alias

I have started with wM workflow. I tried to configure remote server aliases. I have configured to alias one for IS and one for WorkFlow Server. When I test for IS, it works. When I tested workflow server connection, it failed with following error:

Unable to connect to remote server WFServer: [ISC.0064.9324] Server Error: Not Implemented

I have attached the screenshot of configuration and error.
Please take a look.
Any kind of help is appreciated.


Remote Alias configuration Error
Remote WorkFlow Server Configuration (7.6 k)

hi nilesh,

From the error message u get it looks like the server is not present on port 6000, check again whether it is running.


Thanks for response.

I checked worklflow server is running. I am able to connect to server from workflow client without any problem. I can open workflow designer, workflow users,etc.

Any other clue or idaea ???


This error can safely be ignored. You should have been able to successfully register the physical Workflow server and assign a Logical Workflow server to this physical server.

The error happens because physical servers are implemented as Integration Server remote server aliases, regardless if the physical server is a Workflow server or an IS server. When the WmAdmin server tries to verify the connection between the WmAdmin server and the remote WF server (usually by calling wm.server:ping on the remote server) it fails with the error you’re seeing, for the obvious reason that you can’t call the IS service wm.server:ping on a Workflow server.