Error encounterd while working with SAP7.1 adapter

Hello Experts,

We have to get IDOC from SAP to webMethods.
Below is the error occured and didnt got the IDOC as well.

[SAP.0104.0005W] Error in RFC Listener Demo_Latest:ABE_Listene_NewrDemo with status “ALIVE” and connection “8-|sapgw00|ABE_SAPPOC”: com/sap/conn/idoc/jco/JCoIDocDocumentList.
Thanks in advance.


Hi Lavanya,

can you provide us the version of the applied Fix for SAP Adapter 7.1 as well as the versions of the JCo and JCoIDoc libraries?

These informations are available on the About-Page from SAP Adapter administration screen.

Remember that not all Fixes are working with all library versions.

See Readme of the SAP Adapter Fix for details.

Is there a more detailed version of the error message (i.e. in error log) indicating what is not working with the mentioned class?


Hello Holger,

ThankYou,Issue got resolved. I have applied latest fix for SAP Adapter 7.1 and now I can see the IDOC coming from SAP.