Error Creating webService Client

I am trying to setup a webReference using webMethods portal 6.5. When I attempt to use a WSDL file to do this I receive the following message:

Error creating webservice client: Error executing webreference script: C:\ProgramFiles\eclipse\plugins\com.webmethods.portal.PortletGenerator_6.5.2.82\lib\glue\wsdl2java_glue.xml:48:Java returned: -1

I have also tried to browse the Integration Server directly. However when I click on the webService connection and click Ok, nothing happens.

Any thoughts?

With the scarce details that you provided, my guess is that either the WSDL is not accessible or that the WSDL is invalid. Can you use the free SoapUI web services testing tool to generate test cases from that WSDL?