Error connecting to Broker Server


I started my Integration Server, and when I go to wmBrokerAdmin home page, I can see that no connection is available to broker server.

There is an error which says:
A connection to the Broker Server “localhost” could not be established. Make sure the Broker Server is running on the correct Broker Server:Port and the Broker Server host is running, reachable, and known in the network.

Can somebody throw some light on this? Thanks in advance.


I am new to Webmethod as well. Go to Control Panel select Administrative tools and select services then start(Restart) the WebMethods Broker Server 6.1, port XXXX service manually and Jump back to admin and refresh and see if localhost connected. Thats all I know about this. I hope it works.

Ravi - SPT

yes…It works.

yes…It works.