Error Code 057 and 007

I am using the Oracle Adapter for Enterprise 5.0 on NT.

For an insert notification, I am selected all fields of the new row and writing them to the buffer table that the adapter assigns (awb_tablename). The buffer table properly accepts these values.

The purpose of the notification is to fire an event which will send the data in the buffer table to another table in another database. For the purposes of my testing, though, the target table exists in the same database as the source table and the buffer.

The adapter::ack document is published by the target adapter so I know the document is received. Furthermore, the data appears in the target table.

Then, the adapter::error document publishes. The error message is below. The message says " No output document type defined for component" but I am mapping the values returned by the Insert Notification to a document which is published and successfully subscribed to by the target adapter.

What do you think?

[begin error message]
9:51:51 AM [Debug] error (057) Could not process publication document type “ADAPTERNAME:: Operations::CONFIGUREDOPERATION_N”
9:51:51 AM (007) No output document type defined for component. COM.activesw.adapter.devkit.AdapterException: (007) No output document type defined for component.
9:51:51 AM at COM.activesw.adapter.intdevkit.AdapterReplies.finishReplies(
9:51:51 AM at COM.activesw.adapter.intdevkit.AdapterMain.processScriptOutput(, Compiled Code)
9:51:51 AM at COM.activesw.adapter.intdevkit.AdapterMain.processPublication(, Compiled Code)
9:51:51 AM at COM.activesw.adapter.intdevkit.AdapterMain.checkPublications(, Compiled Code)
9:51:51 AM at COM.activesw.adapter.intdevkit.AdapterMain.getEvents(, Compiled Code)
9:51:51 AM at COM.activesw.adapter.intdevkit.AdapterMain.runAdapterMain(
9:51:51 AM at COM.activesw.adapter.intdevkit.AdapterMain.main(
[end error message]

It was so simple…

In re-reading my original post, I left out the most important part: I was mapping the fields of the Notification Event into the Document “scope::Document” and publishing it using the “Publish and Wait” step. I should have used the “Create Output” option. Publishing a document is not the equivalent of “outputting” a document.

I changed my mode to “output” and everything worked perfectly – including the deletion of the record from my buffer table. The new settings of the Output Step are:

Document Usage: Output
Send Mode: Publish

Can somebody verify that Notification Events must always use the “output” feature as opposed to “publish”? Thanks.