Error by task publishing (7.1)

Hello all,

i’m facing an issue by task publishing from wM designer. i’m not very familiar with the task engine, so maybe i just forgot to set something…

i’m working on wM 7.1. version (windows) and the error i received is

com.webmethods.portal.bizPolicy.BizException: [POP.003.0136] Cannot install component “task3Tasks.war” because it requires “wm_task_search.war, wm_task_rule_editing_context.pdp, wm_xt_task_definition.pdp” to be installed first.




we had the same error message today on a Version 8.0 System.
The problem is the missing Task Engine on MWS.
The solution is to additionally install the Task Engine to the MWS using the webmethods Installer.

Hope this helps