EntireX Access to JMS queues

Is it possible to post a message to a JMS queue from a Natural program running on the mainframe?

We have a need to let out JBoss server know that our mainframe is taking updates again. We were hoping we could just post a message to a JMS queue and have a Message Drive Bean on JBoss pick it up and run with it. My reading of the EntireX v7.1.1 documentation leads me to believe that I cannot do this. Just hoping there is a way.

Thanks in advance for any and all help.


Hi Earnie,

it is not possible to post a JMS message from Natural to a JBoss JMS provider directly. The internal layout of a JMS message is provider dependent and thus hidden in the provider specific jar files.

However, it is possible to do this using EntireX as an intermediate JMS provider. You can send a “JMS message” from a Natural (mainframe or whatever) program using the Broker ACI and then consume this message by a Java JMS application. And this Java app can then post the same JMS message to the JBoss JMS provider.

This functionality (a non-JMS application can talk to the EntireX JMS provider) has been introduced with version 7.2.1 PL 11. See Connecting JMS Applications and Non-JMS Applications in the documentation.