EntireX 7.3 video demonstrations

EntireX 7.3 has been released in Nov 2006 and now we are coming up with 4 additional recorded demonstrations showing the modernized EntireX Workbench:

  • Generating web services
  • XML Mapping Basics
  • Enhanced XML Mapping
  • Extracting IDL from COBOL

For your convenience they all have a duration of about 5-10 minutes.
Please check them out at the newly created EntireX Demo Zone: http://developer.softwareag.com:9080/TomCrossvision/xsltransform?content=home/main&style=xsl/main&nestedContent=entirex/demo_zone/demo_zone&nestedStyle=xsl/default-page

Best regards,
Software AG
Juergen Lind

EntireX product management