EnterpriseOne 892 Adapter Events

We have configured this adapter to listen to real-time events(ERP8 Events Connection) from OneWorldXE (SP22_Q1). However the events are not being received. The jasdebug.log and jas.log files show nothing.

Anyone done this and can help with ideas?

Hello Eric,

I’m not really familiar with IS adapter nor with XE, but I have deployed several integrations with the broker adapter and ERP8.
There could be several reasons why you would not receive the Real Time Events.
A first step to try and investigate could be to use a tool downloadable on the knowledge garden called event listener to verify that the ERP configuration is correct (most of the time, the problem resides on that side).
You could also list here the settings you have made in ERP so that I would perhaps have an idea about what is missing.

Best regards,


Hi Cedric,
Thanks for the response. We have use Enterprise 4.5/4.7 adapter for RTE and it works just fine.

We are now looking at the new EnterpriseOne 8.92 Adapter for wM6.1
and thats where the problem of it not listening for RTE comes in.
Attached is the ERP8 Events Connection config screen. Any clues?


EnterpriseOne 8.92 ERP8 Events Connection
eoneerp8config.zip (16.3 k)

Hello Eric,

I’m not sure I can help much, unfortunally… Just to be sure, are the RTE the only thing which is not working ? I mean do calls to BSFN work properly ?

Hi Cedric,
Yes, calls to BSFN work. RTE is the only thing not working.
The Listener and Listener Notification gets enabled but OWXE does not send RTE to this listener which acts as a subscriber.

Is there something I have to do in OWXE to tell it to send RTE to this listener/IP address etc?

Hi Eric,

Again, there are several possible point of failure, and investigation can be difficult.
One last question before we can investigate deeper. Did you try and install a Broker adapter on this same machine to receive real time events ? Does it work ?
If you have not done so, could be a good idea, in order to see if we have a problem related to the version of the adapter (and then I won’t really be able to help you), or to OW/machine set up.
Best regards,