EnterpriseOne 8.92 Adapter Events


We have the EnterpriseOne 8.92 adapter from wM connecting to OneWorldXE.
I have been able to connect using the Connection type, but with trying to connect with the EventsConnect connection type.

I get the following error: OneWorldXE Security server failure.
I have specified the security server in the configuration, still cannot figure why it fails.

Any ideas with this?

I think that SP22_O1 is required as there is some encryption and other security updates. Confirm that your OneWorld app is at least to this SP. We have the same error - have not got SP22_O1 installed as yet to confirm.


For OneWorld-XE, use the ERP8 Event connection type and it works.
Also use the ERP8 Connection type for BSFN calls.
BTW, we are at SP22_Q1


We are on SP22_I1 and not able to configure PSFT adapter using ERP8 connection to the OneWorld XE. We are getting error with remote server intialization failed. The same set of jar files used in the JDEdwarld One World adapter 4.5, are used to configure the connection.

Has any one faced this issue intially and solved with any fix?.

Thanks in advance.

Here’s an excerpt from the MTRs for the EnterpriseOne adapter that is posted on PeopleSoft customer connection:

If you are using this Integration Server adapter to connect to OneWorld Xe or ERP 8, service pack 22_O1 or greater is required.