Enterprise Service Bus

Please tell me what is enterprise Service Bus?
is it is new framework that comes with 8.x versions
Is it same as the terminology used in TIBCO architecture?

What is the benefit of ESB??

Can anybody explain page 24 explaination mentioned in SAG book “SOA for Dummies”

Book Can be downloaded from “404

ESB is a term with many definitions. There are some common capabilities described within the varied definitions but generally a specific defintion will depend upon to whom you’re talking. You can be sure, however, that when SoftwareAG says “ESB” that it means something different than when TIBCO says it. Or Oracle. Or SONIC.

It is not a framework. For SoftwareAG, it is simply a new label on tools they’ve had for a long time. That’s actually true for most products labelled as ESB–it is simply a new label.

The benefits of an ESB are the same as they’ve always been for middleware tools.

Search the web for ESB. You’ll find more than enough material to answer your questions.

I have been searching for exact components of ESB w.r.to webMethods but could not find. Could you please answer the following questions?

  1. Is ESB is a combination of Integration Server and Broker?
  2. Is ESB is a set of multiple Integration Servers and multiple Brokers with IS-Broker set? (What I mean is set 1 - IS-A and BokerA; set2 - IS-B and BrokerB etc. where multiple packages/interfaces are segregated to improve scalability?
    Please let me know. Thanks in advance
  1. Yes. That is how SAG has defined their ESB.
  2. Yes. That is how the SAG ESB can be scaled.