Enterprise Server: Buffer Tables getting created in master d


  1. Enterprise Server 5.0.1(SP: BrokerCore_5-0-1_SP9_WIN.zip).
  2. Enterprise ODBC Adapter 4.1.1 (SP: EDB_4-1-1SP3_WIN.zip).
    4.Enterprise Integrator 4.5.2.
  3. Database: MS SQL Server 6.5(Win NT 4.0)
  4. ODBC Driver DataSource.(Win NT 4.0)

I have configured three ODBC Datasource for three database specifying the respective dabasebase as the Default database and have configured ODBC Adapters for each database(Different Broker for each Adapter).

In the Enterprise Integrator, I am selecting “dbo” as the User to create Notifier Configured Operation. So Buffer tables will be created in respective database for each Operation after implementing it in a Component.

Now whats happening is that during run time (No idea when), Buffer tables are getting created in master database too. I deleted the tables but again after few days I could again see the Buffer tables(I have restarted the Adapters few times during that period).

Right now I am not facing any problem with this but I want to know whether this will lead to any prolem/is it a Bug.