Enterprise Server 5.0.1 installation on Solaris 2.8 Problem?


I have been trying to install ES 5.0.1, but I have been having problems when the installer reach the point that has to create and configure the Enterprise Server and the Broker.

I have followed the instruction on the installation manual. I have installed the Enterprise Adapters and the Enterprise Integrator Adapters, and then I tried to install the ES 5.0.1

Do I have to be root?

Is any log file that I need to look for errors?

Thanks for your help,

Yes, you need to install as root.

Is there any way to do the installation w/o using root? My company security policy does not allow us to use to root user when installing 3rd party softwares.

I heard that previous versions allow us to do so. But with the java installer this becomes impossible. Is that true?