Enterprise High Availability Solutions


Has any one implemented Enterprise High Availability solutions in AIX platform using HACMP?

Let’s say I have two different AIX 5.1 servers WM01 and WM02. WM01 is my primary server running Oracle database and ES5.0.1 on NFS
mount points. In case our WM01 server goes down, WM02 would assume the identity of WM01 taking over the IP address and mount all the NFS filesystems after which we will start up Oracle and webMethods,

I know for sure Oracle works and we have it working in our environment, does webMethods work like that ? Are there any OS dependencies on WM01webMethods install that we need to consider and what else need to be considered? Any wM documentation related to ES/HA setup?

Thanks in advance for your assistance!


Hi I’m analyzing more or less the same architecture that you mentioned. I have some questions regarding the hot backup of critical files for the broker and IS. Would you send me your experiences with this and what procedures you implemented in your installation ?