Enterprise Adapters 4.1.1 installation GPF

When I installed the subj I got GPF on the last phase of the installation. (Seems to be starting monitor). When I tried to lunch ‘Adapter configuration’ tool it gave me GPF also.
I have W2K with SP3, thus I found that there were Service pack for the problem and installed BrokerCore_4-1-1_SP17_WIN.zip and EBKR411SP6_win.zip.
In readme for EBKR411SP6_win.zip I found the following :

  1. Bring up the services control panel, select > the “ActiveWorks Broker
    Monitor 4.0”, and stop the service if it is >running.
    Looking at my services I discovered that there is not such service.

The problem still persists:
When I lunch ‘Adapter configuration’ tools I get GPF. And the server seems to haven’t been configured properly.

Any ideas?

Did you get this resolved? I am having same problem