Enterprise activation are not completely logged by monitor 61

We are expecting to migrate our logging system from Logger
Adapter to IS 6.1 WmLogUtil.
In my test : activation from ES 5 component are
correctly logged but documents that trigger them are not logged at all
I defined Pub/sub and log ,for doctypes that trigger activations, in the corresponding IS linked to my broker client group.

I made the same test with WME 6.01 and it worked! We have activations AND THEIR trigerring doctypes!

Moreover in the 6.1 test, I Discovered that, if I explicitly define broker Doctypes in local on the IS, I succed on logging activations and their triggering doctypes.

Is doctypes synchronization, between IS and broker, the key for that bug?



You have to Sync up the docTypes to local Broker and this will store the information in doc/trigger store,when you move to different enviornments(Dev to Test to production etc…)and similarly when upgrade move too.This is the default behaviour.


what do you mean by "Sync up the docTypes to local Broker "? Do you mean sync up the docTypes in IS?
After some more tests, I have de define all my broker doctypes in IS because the the sync up is not automatic in 6.1. At the opposite in 6.0.1 the sync up is automatic.
I’m trying to identify the function in 6.0.1 which sync up the broker/Is document.
To sum up :
IS 6.0.1 — br5 activations : sync up is automatic
IS 6.1 — br5 activations : sync up is NOT automatic

I mean Sync up the publishable IS documentTypes to Broker of that particular IS/Broker.

As far i know in IS6.01 sync DocumentTypes is not automatic and even IS6.1 too.

Hope this is clarified.