Ent Server: Veritas Cluster won't write to broker.a

We have Enterprise Server (ES) running on Solaris 2.8 with Veritas Cluster Software but for one of the two machines, the broker.alert and broker.info logs do not get written to.

We did the initial installation of ES onto server A, installing to a shared disk. The unix admins then installed and configured the clustering software so that ES will also run on server B. But the /var/logs directory was not on the shared disk. We thought that when ES on server B started the broker.alert and broker.info files would get created but they didn’t. We had the unix admins create the files on B with the same permissions as on server A. When server B was restarted there was still no activity in the logs. Anybody else set up Enterprise Server with Veritas?

We’ve successfully installed the Enterprise Server on Solaris using Veritas Cluster Software.

The syslog appears to be configured properly.