Enhancing Cumulocity IoT Capabilities: Map-Based Widgets

In the world of IoT, geospatial data plays a crucial role in providing context to the data generated by devices. Whether it’s tracking the location of a fleet of vehicles or monitoring the status of remote assets, map-based widgets can provide an intuitive visual way to understand and interact with this data. In this article, we will explore three map-based widgets for Cumulocity IoT.

Layered Map Widget Plugin

Author: @Hendrik_Naether1

The Layered Map Widget Plugin is a Cumulocity module federation plugin that allows you to display a map with position markers for devices with c8y_Position fragments. This widget can be used in the Application Builder or Cockpit of the Cumulocity IoT platform.

The Layered Map Widget Plugin supports the creation of multiple layers using different queries. These layers can be based on fragment and value layers, inventory query layers, alarm query layers, and event query layers. The widget is designed to scale well with a higher count of devices, with position updates and changes regarding the layers polled using bulk requests.

Markers can be configured to show different icons, and if alarms exist, different colors will be shown depending on the highest alarm severity. Alarm details can be found in the popover of the device, which is built to be easily extended or replaced in code.

Route Tracker Plugin

Author: @Ravi_Shankar_Kumar

The Route Tracker Plugin is a Cumulocity module federation plugin that provides functionality for tracking routes and geofences. This widget can be used in the Application Builder or Cockpit of the Cumulocity IoT platform.

The Route Tracker Plugin allows users to display routes, geofences, and real-time device status. It also supports the creation of smart rules that can be triggered when a smart rule violation occurs.

Smart Map Settings Widget Plugin

Author: @Darpankumar_Lalani

The Smart Map Settings Widget Plugin is a micro frontend plugin that can be deployed in the Application Builder or Cockpit as a Cumulocity widget. This widget allows you to mark and create a “Geography” at a specified location.

After a Geography is created, it allows the creation of floors, geofences, and device positioning. This widget is used as a configuration tool for the Smart Map widget, providing a flexible and intuitive interface for setting up and managing geospatial data.

You can add a Geography by drawing its location and entering the details, edit the geography details and its location, and delete the geography. You can also add, edit, delete, and revert the floor plan of the geography after its addition. The floor plan image can be previewed, rotated, and positioned using a smart rotation point. Devices can be marked on the map at the floor level.

Additional information

To support the community, we share our custom implementations across all product sets. We publish new widgets and plugins that you can freely incorporate into your IoT projects. These can be found on the Open-Source page of Software AG.

Each widget is provided as-is and without warranty or support. They do not constitute part of the Software AG product suite. Users are free to use, fork, and modify them, subject to the license agreement. While Software AG welcomes contributions, it cannot guarantee to include every contribution in the master project.

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