Enhancing Cumulocity IoT Capabilities: Device Control and Configuration Widgets

When designing dashboards in Cumulocity IoT, you are provided with a set of built-in widgets. However, these widgets may not cover all the unique requirements of certain PoCs or projects. This is usually when you might consider custom development to create your own widgets. But this approach can lead to increased costs and a longer time to market. In this article, we will highlight three Cumulocity IoT widgets, specifically designed for device control and configuration.

Cumulocity IoT Ticketing Integration Plugin

Author: @Kalpshekhar_Gupta

The C8y Ticketing Integration Plugin is a versatile tool that includes three widgets, enabling you to configure the Ticketing Integration microservice, create tickets, and view tickets.

The three widgets incorporated in this plugin are:

  • Ticketing Integration Setup widget: This widget allows configuring the Ticketing Integration microservice, listing the tickets and drawing related charts for analysis.

  • Ticketing Integration Viewer widget: This widget enables you to view tickets from the configured Ticketing Platform using the Ticketing Integration microservice.

  • Ticketing Integration Alarms widget: This widget displays active alarms related to a device and allows you to create tickets using the Ticketing Integration microservice.

Cumulocity IoT Device Control Plugin

Author: @Sabreen_Irfana

The Cumulocity IoT Device Control Plugin is a dynamic widget that allows you to display and control devices, assets, and groups of devices.

It supports real-time updates of the managed objects and offers a range of features such as the ability to select groups and individual devices, use images to represent the devices, select operations and define tooltips, and payload for each operation. The plugin also supports the filtering and display of at-risk devices and the toggling of flags on the managed object.

Additional Information

Each widget is provided as-is and without warranty or support. They do not constitute part of the Software AG product suite. Users are free to use, fork, and modify them, subject to the license agreement. While Software AG welcomes contributions, it cannot guarantee to include every contribution in the master project.

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Please be aware that the replacement wizard feature will be part of one of the upcoming Cumulocity IoT releases as a standard feature in device management