Enhancing Cumulocity IoT Capabilities: Custom Information Display Widgets

In the world of IoT, effective data visualization is key. While Cumulocity IoT offers a range of built-in widgets, there may be instances where these are not enough for your IoT projects. This is where the custom widgets come into play. They provide personalized solutions for your data visualization requirements. In this article, we will explore seven custom widgets, specifically designed for information display, each with its unique features.

Event Image Viewer Widget Plugin

Author: @Ravi_Shankar_Kumar

The Event Image Viewer Widget Plugin is designed to display the events that are created whenever a camera device captures an image.

The Event Image Viewer Widget Plugin is a Cumulocity IoT module federation plugin created using c8ycli. This plugin can be used in Application Builder or Cockpit.

Silo Capacity Widget Plugin

Author: @Sheethal_JR

The Silo Capacity Widget Plugin is a custom plugin that provides a visual representation of the current state of a silo. It displays a configurable silo capacity graphic with fill levels, a foreground image overlay, an optional background image, and colorized thresholds.

This widget is especially useful in industries where monitoring silo capacity is crucial, such as agriculture and manufacturing.

Silo Capacity
Oil Storage
Battery Capacity
Fuel level

3D Model Viewer Widget Plugin

Author: @Ravi_Shankar_Kumar

The 3D Model Viewer Widget Plugin is a unique tool that allows you to view a 3D collada model (*.dae, *.obj, *.gltf) in Cumulocity IoT.

This widget supports measurements from a single device, allows background color customization, and allows you to configure real-time device measurements for model movements.

Image Animation Widget Plugin

Author: @Ravi_Shankar_Kumar

The Image Animation Widget Plugin is designed to display a series of images in an animated sequence.

This widget supports scrolling an image up, down, left or right, fading in, fading out, rotating an image, and swapping from one image to another. It offers customizable animation speeds, providing a flexible and engaging data visualization tool.

Image Animation Fence
Image Animation Lock

Device Details Widget Plugin

Author: @Ravi_Shankar_Kumar

The Device Details Widget Plugin is a comprehensive tool designed to display the details of a device. It fetches the details from an API call and displays the data according to the fields provided.

The widget plugin has the ability to summarize information relating to the names from the API call.

Device Details

Advanced Radial Gauge Widget Plugin

Author: @Sheethal_JR

The Advanced Radial Gauge Widget Plugin is a dynamic tool that shows the latest real-time measurement on a radial gauge. This widget offers customizable gauge colors and sizes, providing a visually appealing and informative display.

It also supports multiple measurement units and allows for the customization of the gauge’s minimum and maximum values.

Advanced Radial Gauge

Weather Forecast Widget Plugin

Author: @Ravi_Shankar_Kumar

The Weather Forecast Widget Plugin is a comprehensive tool that displays a 5-day weather forecast using data provided by the OpenWeatherAPI.

This widget provides real-time weather updates and allows for configurable refresh rates, ensuring that the most current weather data is always displayed.

Additional information

Each widget is provided as-is and without warranty or support. They do not constitute part of the Software AG product suite. Users are free to use, fork, and modify them, subject to the license agreement. While Software AG welcomes contributions, it cannot guarantee to include every contribution in the master project.

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